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Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the support with my recent round of recruitment.

It is a delight working with you and as ever, the candidates were of high quality, the communication was spot on and the fact that you consistently understand my needs is very much appreciated."

James - Regional Business Manager

"Having recently recruited through CHASE, I now have an excellent contract representative working with me who is of a very high calibre.

The process of recruitment was really smooth and easy from my perspective as I was put in touch with some really good candidates (and in a very short period of time!).

With regards to the interactions that I have had with CHASE management, that has been really great too, as the account manager has always been accessible, friendly and supportive.

The communication is great, and I know that I will always be supported with anything I may ever need assistance with.

All in all I would highly recommend anyone to work with CHASE if they are looking to source some sales force colleagues, based on my really positive experience with CHASE."

Paul, Sales Manager

"We've just got the first set of CHASE expenses through for payment – first thought is how much more professionally presented the information is from CHASE.

It's nice to see claim forms and invoices that add up correctly for a start – quite a change!!!"

Martin, Finance Manager

"CHASE provided us with a great opportunity, already having an extensive experience in recruitment of high class candidates and demonstrable success in delivering a customer focused approach to creating the right team for the right circumstance.

From first contact I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and pace that the CHASE team have demonstrated. Finding the right people and team is important, making the people feel part of a team and addressing their needs during the build is even more important.

Often logistics and contracts get in the way of what should be an operation focused on getting in front of customers. CHASE demonstrated an attitude and processes that allowed more quality time to be spent with the team on the strategy and tactics rather than distractions.

As a customer I am delighted that we have developed a skilled specialist team in the shape and size we required rather than an off the shelf solution from a supplier.

CHASE quickly integrated into our company, adopted our objectives and implemented as a cohesive part of our team, this has made an incredible difference to our business and I have no reservations in recommending them as a business solution provider."

Mark, Client

"I have worked both for CHASE and with CHASE for many years so I have worn both an employee and client hat.

Regardless of the role I can say with total honesty that their professionalism shines through everything they do. Be it the speed and quality of back office support as an employee or the way they go the extra mile to find me the highest quality candidates for vacancies I find the processes are faultless. I particularly value the fact that they face to face interview every potential candidate for roles as that enables me to trust their recommendations and not waste my time when recruiting staff."

Michael, National Sales Manager

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help in my recruitment for Scotland.

Everything has been very organised, you have delivered above and beyond with planning interviews. More importantly the calibre of the candidates was much better than your competitors.

Not having a vacancy for five years I was dreading the process; however it all went extremely well.

Once again thank you for making the experience positive with a great outcome. I will not hesitate to let HR know my thoughts."

Julie, Regional Business Manager

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