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Graham Hawthorn

Graham Hawthorn

Managing Director

How long have you been with CHASE and what are your responsibilities?

I joined CHASE in April 2012 and following the significant investment in the Company by Vespa Capital in July 2016, I took on the role of MD. I work very closely with the Recruitment team on the delivery of core business, with the BD Team on developing new services and solutions and with the Finance team and investors on the future of the Company.

What’s your background prior to joining CHASE?

I have been in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Recruitment and Contract Sales business since 1994, when I joined Royce as Graduate Recruiter. After 6 years at Royce, I was one of the team that established IHS and was part of the senior management team there for 8 years. After 3 years growing a business within IT and Telecommunications Executive Search, I stepped back into the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare space with CHASE.

What do you see as the opportunities for CHASE over the next 5 years?

As the industry continues to evolve, there are two things that will be crucial – flexible People Solutions and high quality people.

CHASE can deliver both of these and therefore we are ideally positioned to work closely with our clients to ensure growth for all parties. The investment in the Company from Vespa in 2016, means that the next 5 years will be a very exciting period for the Company.

What makes CHASE different to other providers of People Solutions?

Our competitive advantage is that we are leaders in both Contract Services and Recruitment.

Our comprehensive range of solutions allows us to provide Contract, Permanent and Interim opportunities to candidates from Graduates to General Managers, and Contract, Permanent and Interim solutions for our clients.

Having worked in this space for many years, I know of no other Company that can consistently deliver both Contract and Permanent results like CHASE.

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